Our Firm

Alexander, Almand & Bangs, LLP was established in 1971 in Gainesville, Georgia.  With the value we place on our client relationships and our four partners' combined experience of over 70 years, you will not find a higher commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

To assist, advise, and brighten your path to success by offering a wide range of accounting services designed to assist with every aspect of your personal and corporate financial responsibilites.





Corporate Philosophies and Ideals

At Alexander, Almand & Bangs, LLP, we have built our reputation on excellent client service and extensive accounting knowledge. As business people, we understand the rigorous activity and frustrations that accompany entrepreneurship. This is why we strive to provide our clients with convenient access to a full-service accounting firm regardless of their mission and goals.


Our objective is to assist our clients, whether they are a business or individual, in making the best financial decisions possible through close relationships, constant communication and education, and dedication towards achievement through solid accounting services.


The Firm has four current partners: John C. Alexander, James “Andy” Bangs, Bryan St. Pierre, and Rachel Byers-Miller. The staff includes a diverse group of people who work diligently to ensure the success of The Firm and each client.


Why AA&B?


We provide proven quality and superior insight, so you can be sure you are getting the most accurate service to your best benefit every time.

Commitment to Excellence

At Alexander, Almand & Bangs, LLP, we strive to maintain our commitment to excellence. We are members of the following organizations.