Client Portal

We are pleased to announce our recent implementation of our online Portal that we will use to facilitate the secure transmission of electronic files between our office and your computer. The security of your sensitive information is a primary concern at Alexander, Almand & Bangs, LLP, and this Portal will help us achieve our file management and data security goals. The Portal will give you convenient access, 24/7, to your important financial documents including tax returns and financial statements, and give you the ability to send us files through the Portal as well.


How else can you use your portal?

You have the capability to grant portal access to anyone - such as a banker whom you may collaborate with on a regular basis. Prior to the convenience of portals, options to share information included email, fax, or postal mail. In many cases, you had to request the information from our firm before you could provide it to the bank, and vice versa. Portals have significantly reduced the time and resources spent on trading information. 


Our new Portal will not only safely transmit your information, but it will also help us foster better service, expanded communication, and faster/easier access to the information you seek, at any time.


If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Patty or Tiffany at 770-536-0511 to set up your Portal account. If you already have a login created, you can get started with the login box to the left.


Should you have any questions, please refer to the Portal Client User Guide for help. Please note that Portal emails will be shown as from the sender "," and may be directed to your junk folder.

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